Drawing 1: Part IV: Figure Drawing: The Moving Figure: sitting and waiting / fleeting moments / research

Project: The Moving Figure

Exercise : Sitting and waiting OCA p121



The sketches that follow are a mixed bunch which have mostly been taken from life as I’ve been out and about.

The characters on the right are drawn in pencil, graphite and ink.  I drew these quick sketches in a park to try to get a feel for the shapes and postures.

They are all on an A5 format.











Above: Fishing off the pier (pencil).  I liked the lines of the rods and the man seated on the back of the bench.  Also the receding coastline in the background.  I often forget to put in the backgrounds!  It’s good that fishermen stay still for so long.

Right (5 format – soft pencil and charcoal) is a man sitting on the beach waiting for a game of volleyball to start.  This was quite difficult as he kept moving.




Left are two boys sitting in an outdoor cafe.  I found the angles of the bench set really difficult but got there in the end. Graphite on A6.

The girl below was standing around with her drink.  I drew her in squiggly lines in ink for an experiment.













Left and below are people waiting in queues.  The figure on the left is split into two halves.  She was so ‘neat’ I wanted to get all of her in



The lady on the right was beautifully rounded – head, body and even her hair bun.





We are also urged to draw from magazines, newspapers, photographs and TV.  Here is a selection of my drawings from these media:
































These were really good extra practice, epecially in proportions, stance, gesture and the other elements we are trying to achieve in this course.  All were drawn in A6 format.




Exercise : Fleeting moments : OCA p122

There are several quick sketches below showing fleeting moments; from a chap on a bike to my husband cooking, hanging washing or cleaning the oven.  I have tried to capture the essence of the moment.   The sketches are in my little A6 notebook.  I was especially pleased with capturing the odd angle of the head in the lower picture 142/7







sketch # 135/7




























The little boys below were frolicking in the sea.  I took a quick snap so I could get the proportions and stance right as they didn’t stay still for even a second.









Whilst sitting in an outdoor cafe I saw this man with the pram was playing finger games with his child and on the same page I drew a little girl with her bag who was walking toward me briefly and there’s a Mum with a baby in a front sling







Exercise: Research point: people watching : OCA p123


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