Drawing 1: Part IV: Figure Drawing: Gesture: stance / energy

 Project – Gesture 

Exercise : Stance : OCA p 113

This exercise asked that I do draw quick poses, showing the centre of gravity and types of stance.  My first attempts were 2 minute outlines of a male model on A3, drawn with pen.  I enjoyed this exercise as it brought home to me the necessity to have the figure balanced and not feeling as if it is falling over:

Fig 1 : #181
Fig 1 : #181/6
Fig 2.  Ink drawings of female model. 2 minutes each on A3 cartridge paper.  I am

Fig 1 : # 177/2

Fig 2 : # 177/2

beginning to get a better feel for quick drawings though some of the poses were challenging.

Fig 2 : #178

Fig 3 : #178

Fig 3 (above).  These are 3 minute drawings.  The long hair in the centre sketch looks strange as the model had a hat on.  Not great proportionally, but an early attempt.  These were drawn in graphite.

Fig 4 : #179

Fig 4 : #179

Fig 4:  Drawn in conte crayon on cartridge A3, these took 5 minutes each.  I used the square crayon to achieve a softer line.

Fig : #

Fig 5: #191/3






Fig 5 (right) also took 5 minutes.  It is executed in charcoal in A5 format.

A couple of the poses above are sitting, kneeling or leaning but it was still interesting to think about where the centre of gravity might be.

Exercise : Energy : OCA p 114

The exercise calls for 5 minute poses in dynamic positions.  I warmed up with 30 second poses since my elderly model could not manage 5 minutes with arms raised or other dynamism.

Fig 6: sketch #s 182 – 185/6

These sketches are on A4.  The first, in pencil, tried to capture the dynamism without any detail at all.  The next two (top right and bottom left) did the same but in tombow ink which is extremely unforgiving and the bottom right sketch was executed in graphite.

I drew many other sketches in my notebooks. They were all 30 sec to 2 mins but are not shown here.

Below are my 3 x 5 minute poses, all drawn in my A4 sketchpad.


Fig 7 : #192/6


Fig 7, left, is drawn in a soft pencil.

Fig 8 : #

Fig 8 : #193/6



Fig 8 (right) I really struggled with because of the foreshortening of the right lower leg and the extending of the right arm – poor man looks like an ape.

Fig 9: #

Fig 9: # 194/6



Fig 9 uses conte crayon which makes a soft line.  I liked the contours of the back.


I was interested to note how little time 5 minutes is when I’m sketching.  It takes much longer than I think to produce a drawing.



Check and Log:

  • I think I have captured the pose in terms of the viewer’s understanding of what was going on but I would love to deliver more energy to my drawing but don’t yet have the skill
  • I think my figures are balanced.  None seem to be falling over but the proportions are not all they should be.
  • I tried to convey energy through the form rather than any other tricks or techniques.
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