Drawing 1 : Part IV : Figure Drawing : Proportion : quick poses / the longer pose

Quick Poses : OCA p108 : 2 minute sketches / warm up

This exercise starts off with 5 x 2 minute sketches of my model in a comfortable position.  It asks that particular attention is paid to proportions but in 2 minutes I did find that very hard.  I must admit that the time gradually grew to 4-5 minutes as I tried to get it right. These are my efforts in graphite and charcoal, using my pencil as my guide to proportions.

Fig 1 : #

Fig 1 : #139/7

Fig 1:  I tried the envelope method for the above drawing.  I did not find it helped!

Fig 2

Fig 2 #153/5


Fig 2:  For this drawing I used pencil on a square format.  There are faint lines showing proportions but they have not shown up in the photo.






Below in figure 3 I have used charcoal on the same square format sketchbook.

Fig 3

Fig 3: 155/5

Fig 4: #141/7

Fig 4: #141/7


In fig 4 (left) I started by drawing in the axis of the shoulders and body.  This in an A6 notebook and I have used charcoal.  I have spent a little more time on grounding the figure onto the cushions but left the detail of the head.




Fig 5 : #140/7

Fig 5 : #140/7

This sketch (fig 5 – right) took a little longer again as I measured more carefully, but it does how a little improvement.  This drawing is in my A6 sketchbook and is in charcoal.





2 x 10 minute drawings of the same pose:

Fig : sketch #

Fig 6: sketch #173/5

Fig 6 above shows my first 10 minute post in charcoal where I have included some of the background and tried very hard with the proportions.  This is in a square format sketchbook.

In Fig 7 below. I have taken more time over the outline, shading, proportions, face and hands and

Fig 7 : #174/5

Fig 7 : #174/5

therefore kept to the top half of the body in my 10 minute slot.  I used graphite for this sketch.  I notice I am beginning to see more and more of the figure, noticing little details and where the reality doesn’t match my expectations.  Interesting.

More drawings of same pose from different angles:

Fig X: sketch # 156/5

Fig 8: sketch # 156/5

Fig 8 above:  This took me about 10 minutes and I have looked at the proportions and made notes on each latitudinal line as I went along.  Pencil in square format sketchbook.

Fig 9: #195/3

Fig 9: #195/3



Fig 9 shows a different angle again.  This one is in my A5 sketchbook and is in ink.  The problem with ink or felt-tip is that we can’t erase errors!


Fig 10: #196/3

Fig 10: #196/3




Fig 10 uses pencil in my A5 sketchbook.  I have again given the body more solidity by shading in the cushions. I kept the sketch to 10 minutes or so.  I was pleased with the facial/head area and the angles of the body but the right arm and hand at the back was a bit of a dead loss as my model kept moving it despite nagging!


The Longer pose : OCA p 109

In this exercise my model had to sit for an hour whilst I checked measurements and drew him in charcoal.  I was quite pleased with my effort, given the level I was at at the beginning of this module.

Fig 11 : The longer pose :sketch # 157/2

Fig 11: The longer pose :sketch # 157/2

Shading the body gives it more depth and solidity and having more time for the furniture and background create a more complete picture of the event.

Check and log

  • I believe I have managed to make a complete statement in my hour-long drawing.  My main problems were:  how much to draw in the background, getting the proportions right and getting more contrast in the picture.
  • I believe I have captured the relaxed feel of this pose, the slight lean of the body and the sense of gazing out over the balcony.
  • The proportions look good to me but I’m sure I will get a better ‘eye’ in months and years to come.



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