Drawing 1 : Part III : ASSIGNMENT

Assignment III

Assignment III asks us to select a view from a window or open door and demonstrate the skills learned in this landscape module.

My first practice was with general views from windows, such as those below:

DSC_0001DSC_0003DSC_0007 (2)








My assignment drawing is from a visit to the St Fagan’s museum which houses many old buildings that have been brought from around Wales brick-by-brick and stone-by-stone to be faithfully rebuilt at St Fagans.

From the windows and doors of each building others may be viewed, as it the case here.

Fig 1. initial sketch of area

Fig 1. initial sketch of area


Fig 2: looking at perspective

My preliminary sketches are, as ever, light-weight.  I work best when I don’t overdo the initial sketching as I then become disillusioned with my choices very quickly. Here you see my initial sketch on site (fig 1) and another which concentrates on the perspective (fig 2).  I have another drawing which is too faint to photograph focusing on where I chose to stand to create the most interesting view.

I knew I would use coloured pencils for this exercise because I missed out on using them  in an earlier exercise, so I’m not allowing myself a choice.  Here is my final drawing (Fig 3)

The criteria asks me to use natural and man made forms and to show perspective.  I have achieved this criteria in some respects but I am not at all enamoured of this drawing.  It is prosaic.  I think this is because I am still drawing more photographically than imaginatively and some of my earlier works and sketches are looser and have more life.  Assignment work seems to bring the worst out in me.

Fig X : Assignment III : sketch #

Fig 3 : Assignment III : sketch #133/L/A3

I must admit to hating coloured pencils as well!  My natural style would be quick and sketchy and I haven’t mastered this medium in a way that suits me at all.  I shall do some sketching in my notebook and use coloured pencils in a looser way to practice this art. All the videos on You Tube seem to show layering and very careful pencil techniques so I shall need to think outside the box.  I am not pleased with myself.

I have also noticed that I prefer natural forms and, although I’m dreading the figure drawing module, perhaps it will give me a chance to get away from straight lines and into finding the character of each piece.

Regrettably I’ve also had bouts of severe arthritis which haven’t helped my process and my work has been broken up with weeks between starting and finishing a drawing.  That’s no way to keep up the motivation and has not given me time for extra sketching.  Never mind.  Onward and upward.



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