Assignment Two

Assignment Two

This assignment has asked me to show my ability to understand the use of colour, the most appropriate choice of medium, ability to set up an interesting composition, variety in mark-making, depth, contrast and tone and accuracy of form.

It is clear to me that I’ve progressed from my initial efforts in assignment one and that I have learned much and also clear that I have a long way to go in creating a picture with impact.

In figs 1 and 2 are my initial sketches though I moved other objects in and out and changed the arrangement often before I was happy enough to try out a sketch.

Fig 1 : initial sketches : sketch #75

Fig 1 : initial sketches : sketch #77

Fig 2: initial sketches : #76

Fig 2: initial sketches : #78








What I decided to create was a picture full of colour.  I wasn’t looking for subtlety but a real eye-catcher so my eventual objects were chosen to reflect this.

I decided on a portrait orientation because I felt that the colours worked best that way and the shapes lent themselves to sitting fairly close to one another.

Final assitnment piece (fig 3).

I have tried to create contrast, depth and tone with the shadows and highlights on the fruit and bottles but I still feel that making them more prominent would have increased the impact.

Fig 3 : Assignment 2 : #77

Fig 3 : Assignment 2 : #79

I chose pastels for their zingy colours and tried to create different textures such as the loose weave linen on the table cloth and the soft wooly fabric of the drape behind.  The bottle shines in the light and the physalis flowers are soft and somewhat transluscent.

What could I have done better:  contrast: particularly the shine on the fruit could be improved and perhaps I could have increased the light source.  This piece was set up in front of a window and we didn’t have any sunshine when I was drawing so some lamps need to be drafted in another time to fake it.


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