Extra curricular : Art Talk by Catrin Webster

On Monday 28th May I attended an art talk by Catrin Webster, a Welsh artist who currently holds the post of lecturer in fine arts at Swansea Met.  She has exhibited and lectured widely, including at the Museum of Modern Art, Wales (see picture below).  Her canvasses are often very large, colourful and abstract:

Ynyslas : After the Longest Day 1999

Catrin talked us through her early work which involved a completely new way to view landscape.  She pointed out that the traditional view of a landscape would involve just one piece of it, as if seen through a viewfinder or in a photograph.  In fact we have peripheral vision and the landscape we are in has many facets all around us; it has repeated colours such as blue in the sky or water or an advertisement or flower.  Catrin wanted to paint her experience of the landscape from within it.  Here is an example of that idea:

Catrin Webster, Stackpole quay

And here is one of Catrin’s larger works in situ at the Hafod Estate, Wales:

 Catrin walks for miles and takes her camera with her as well as her paints and sketchbooks.  One one of her journeys through Europe she made small sketchbooks of 60 pages each and vowed to sketch ideas and small pieces of landscape as reminders of each days walking.

As soon as she had filled each little book she sent it home to herself!  That way she had a discipline, a record of each day, a way of capturing every day of that journey after she returned.

These sketchbooks were tiny – only about as large as the picture above – and this enabled her to capture the essence of each little joyous moment.


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