Part II : Extra curricular activities & sketching


Bristol Open Art Exhibition : November 2012

Run by the Royal West of England Academy, this exhibition gives an opportunity to unknown, emerging and established artists to submit work.  354 artists were successful and the exhibition was interesting, informative and a great success.

I learned from studying the techniques, styles and even framing options.

Kurt Jackson : Cornish Orchard


As we are doing drawing exercises in this year’s OCA course, I took a look at drawings I liked – here is one of them:

I particularly notice the way he has drawn the bottom of the tree trunks in the background dark against the light ground and then light against the dark background.  Very nifty.

The words ad atmosphere and bring us into the drawing by suggesting other senses we can use to make the most of it.

I’m a fan of Jackson’s abstract impressionist landscapes, so this was a real surprise.

Cowbridge Art Society Exhibition Dec 2012 

I belong to this Society and attend meetings and demonstrations regularly.  The exhibition has given me a chance to exhibit, even though I’m a novice.  The “Thistles” drawings which I blogged about here are in the exhibition, plus 4 paintings, one of which is shown below.  This piece has been painted on canvas with acrylic paints and acrylic inks.

I also exhibited a painting at the Travellers Gallery, Barry, South Wales and another at Castell Coch, Tonwynglais.

Television / You tube / Internet activities

I enjoy watching some of the Sky Arts programmes on the TV.  In November I watched a programme about Bill Cunningham, a famous New York Fashion Photographer who changed the way fashion was shot and shown in magazines in the 1960s onwards.  He went out on the street each day looking for clues to the latest trends; took photographs showing the latest boots or buttons or scarves or dress-lengths or fabrics … anything which caught his eye and which would give the reader the confidence to wear such clothes or styles on the street.  Great programme and a lovely, unassuming man.

Also on Sky arts is an occasional interview with Tim Marlow, art historian.  He asks an artist or collector to take him to a gallery and talk to him about several pieces of work and what they mean to the interviewee.  This gives me an insight into other people’s tastes, opinions, emotions and reasoning and I’m hearing how others talk and think of art.

I sometimes watch the “Painting and Drawing channel” and have been practicing different mark-making in my personal sketchbook to improve my dexterity.

Classes / demonstrations

I attend a class most weeks where we copy paintings, drawings or photographs to help us learn new techniques.

Collage workshopThis was a day workshop where we took small 6″ canvasses and used paint, fabric, pictures, sheet music, text as well as acrylic

mixed media collage

paint.  Here is one of my efforts:

I used a jug I own for inspiration and attempted a stylized version on my canvas.  I purposely left the lace overlapping the bottom of the canvas to give it a little boost.



Some of my sketchbook work during Pt II:

P1100937 P1100940 P1100941 P1100942 P1100944 P1100945 P1100946 P1100947 P1100948


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