Extra-curricular art work Part 1

Here is a selection of the art work I’ve been creating in my weekly class and on my own at home:





This painting is acrylic on acrylic paper.  I achieved this at a workshop in early summer but I had to ‘do my own thing’ as the workshop leader was using techniques only suitable for canvas and I only had paper.  I made it up as I went along which was fun.





This piece was worked at art-class  (July 2012) to my own design, using gutta and silk paints on silk.  I called it “Tree of Fun” and I was really pleased with it.





I drew these thistles in ink at art class (October / November 2012) and then photocopied them onto water-colour paper and practiced different techniques to colour them.  The three images that are mounted were required for an exhibition.



The image directly above was the original drawing.  The others show watercolour wash and a sepia ink effect and a coloured ink effect.




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