Extra Curricular activities July – November 2012 : Part I


Several art programmes have been of interest, in particular David Hockney talking about  his photography, his exhibition and how it was filmed; how he did many of his drawings on an i-pad. When Hockney photographs people, he takes several shots from top to bottom, each shot taken from a parallel view so that the perspective isn’t distorted.  An interesting way of achieving a lifelike image.

He used the same technique with the Grand Canyon; filming each piece as a separate and immediately-opposite photograph and then collaged them all together which created an amazing vision without the distortions of distance.

David Hockney : New work with camera : 1985-5

David Hockney : New work with camera : 1985-5

He showed some of his famous chair paintings where he used reverse perspective (painting the front small and the back larger).  His take on perspective in each case was innovative and exciting. A quote of Hockney’s from the programme was “The beauty is in the process of seeing”

Classes:   Still attending a 2-hour art class most weeks.  We draw or paint our own ideas or copy from other artists’ work and the tutor gives us guidance on the techniques we need to achieve our goals.  Click here for examples of my latest work.

Workshops and Demonstrations

Nicola Davies – Tide’s Out, St Ives

Cowbridge Art Society:  

1.   Jantien Powell gave a demonstration of drawing with pastels which made it look so easy.  I found it was definitely not so easy to achieve her simple methods which I tried it myself at home but I did learn a great deal which, with practice, I’m sure I can master.

2.    Nicola Davies showed us how she layered her oil paintings using a palette knife.  Her paintings look quite intricate and it’s hard to believe they are all done by knife.  I have been trying out the technique in class but, as always, it looks much easier when done by an expert.  I’ll post my results when they are finished.  In the meantime, here is one of Nicola’s paintings …

3.   Also saw a demo by Michelle Scragg who showed us her abstract acrylic paintings and demonstrated the techniques she used to achieve her unusual effects.

Porthcawl Pavilion Art Talks

1.  Went to a wonderful talk and demo by Keith Bayliss who explained and illustrated his creative processes leading to his exhibition “Hortus Conclusus – The enclosed garden”.  Much of the exhibition was dedicated to sculptures made from tissue paper, wire, papier mache and fabric.  His work was delicate, beautiful and extraordinary.  H was asked to exhibit at the Mission Gallery, Swansea and styled the entire exhibit around the space.  This was an interesting concept for an exhibitor; thinking what would work to enhance the space rather than using what he already prepared.

2.   Andrew Lanning discussed his journey into art and surrealism whilst creating an abstract painting especially for the audience.  One of the interesting facts he stated was that he was untrained and didn’t want to have any training in case it ruined his style.  My husband and I felt that with a little tuition and some improved techniques his work could be even more stunning.

3.   Catrin Webster returned to the Pavilion for part 2 of her talk and demonstration (part 1 click here.  Catrin explained the journeys she makes into the landscape and how they inspire her work.  She talked about a landscape not being just a snapshot taken through a view-finder but something you experience from the inside.  It’s all around you and this is what she tries to capture.  Lately she also has been drawing on photographs.  She takes a scene and puts her pencil at the starting point of her visual journey, then moves the pencil to the various places her eye goes.  This creates a friction within the photograph which she then paints – including the eye movement shapes.

Reading:  I’ve scanned various drawing books, had a good look at books by Barbara Rae and Kurt Jackson and read my copies of ‘Artist & Illustrator’

Art Trail:   When we went on holiday to Devon, I visited as many studios, galleries and workshops as I could.  Far too many to include here but lots of inspiration was imbibed.



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